My Story

Hey, I’m Amanda! I’m a mindset and lifestyle coach who will help you to get your stress levels under control and breathe easily throughout your busy, hectic day.

I’ve always been an overachiever, juggling multiple jobs, school, and starting a business while trying to maintain a social life. A cocktail in one hand while writing a business plan with the other counts as social, right?

I sometimes had a hard time saying no and when I did, I felt guilty that I was letting someone down who depended on me. As a typical type-A alpha mare, I wanted to take on all of the tasks in every project that I was handling and not delegate because I could do it all myself and didn’t need any help. I didn’t want to admit when I was overwhelmed, drowning in work, and my health was starting to suffer. I didn’t want to admit when I was exhausted and couldn’t take it anymore. My to do lists had to do lists and I still couldn’t give it up.

I was incredibly overwhelmed and my stress levels were maxed out.

I realised that enough was enough when my Fitbit sent me an email telling me that the average person sleeps 7.5-8 hours a night and I was only getting 3.5 hours on average. It also let me know that my resting heart rate was around 78-82 bmp, with the average for someone my age being 58-62. You know things are rough when your watch (love my FitBit!) is emailing you out of concern.

It was time to figure my shit out. Something needed to change or I was heading towards a health and mental breakdown.

At first, I didn’t know what to do or where to go. After much consulting with Dr. Google, I tried yoga videos and self-help books for meditation and mindfulness. Most of them start you off with a half hour of practice and increase your time to an hour a day. If I was only sleeping 3.5 hours, where exactly was I supposed to carve that time out from??

I played around with mindfulness activities and discovered that with dedicating 2-5 minutes a day, I could reap a similar benefit as I would see with 30-60 minutes. I just had to modify the exercises to be quicker and easier. They needed to be something I could do at any point in my day with little to no preparation.

This is why I’ve created the Stressed to Serene mini program. You get all of the benefits of a long-term program, with a shorter, easier-to-manage time frame.

Hop on a free clarity call with me and we’ll start figuring out how to tame your stress gremlins!